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Communicating with Predictable when you have MSA

"My client has been diagnosed with multi-systems atrophy, which is impacting the clarity of his speech. MSA is a progressive condition, which means that his speech is getting more difficult to understand over time. Although his speech is difficult, MSA hasn’t impacted his use of language: he can read and type.
He lives on his own, so it is important that he can communicate his needs via phone. He has family nearby, and other family interstate and overseas. He used to be able to phone them, but this has become more difficult. When family videocall it has been difficult for him to make himself understood, so he mostly listens. Having Predictable has meant that when they video call he can let them know he is typing a message, to ‘hold’ the topic so that he can be part of the conversation."

Claire, Speech Pathologist

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