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Thank you!

We would like to thank all users, partners, AAC specialists who got involved in testing Predictable and sharing with us their valuable feedback. We are now so close to release and we would like to say that the app wouldn’t be the same without them. We would especially like to thank 4 users who have been involved in this process for months.

Lucy McDonald

Lucy first contacted us unhappy with Predictable 5, listing all the problems she was facing with it. We met her a couple of times via video calls to discuss what we could do to solve these problems. She is the one who came up with the idea of including additional speak behaviours to offer more flexibility to Predictable users.

Dr. Rick Nelms

He first got in touch with us with suggestions on how to make our website more accessible. We have been working with him for more than a year now on both our website and Predictable 6. He came to visit us in the office last year to talk about MND condition and how it affects his life daily. He is the one who fought for keeping the emojis in the app as they make them laugh. Rick has a Ph.D. in biology. He worked for many years at Cambridge University and had the chance to travel the world during his career. He paints impressive pictures using other apps on his iPad and on an old PC (see yourself!).

Kevin Boyd

Kevin is a Senior Engineer (CCS) working for NetworkRail. He started to be involved in Predictable 6 development in January. He helped us improve the external keyboard settings and reported crash and bug fixes allowing us to make the app more stable for people connecting the device to different Bluetooth devices.

Dr. Noel T. Kavanagh

“My contribution to Predictable 6 commenced in March 2020 when I commenced testing the app as it was being developed by TherapyBox. I identified parameters that should be enhanced, modified, or included to improve the product from a user’s perspective.”

We would also like to thank all the AAC hubs that we visited and the Speech and Language Therapists that we met and helped us improve Predictable.

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