STREAM (Scalable TRansdiagnostic Early Assessment of Mental health) is a multi-year MRC funded project to assess child neurodevelopment in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) using open-source, scalable, mobile-technology. The tablet-based app will combine and build upon existing screening tools (DEEPINDIGOSTART).

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Many children in LMIC with developmental disorders are undetected, due to a scarcity of highly-skilled professionals, creating a ‘detection gap.’ The STREAM project aims to address this detection gap in LMIC and aims to improve risk screening for various developmental disorders that may be evident during the early developmental period. It will be used to map the population distribution scores in key developmental domains in 0-6 year old children in India and Malawi.

We worked closely with researchers from the University of Reading to iteratively improve and refine the system.

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Oky is the world’s first period tracker app for girls and created with girls. It provides information about menstruation in fun, creative and positive ways, straight into girls’ hands through the tools they use every day – mobile phones. Oky lets girls feel in control and more confident by tracking their periods, and getting the information that all girls should know.

As the founding partner of Oky, Unicef made the initial investment to co-create Oky with girls and to spark the girls’ digital health ecosystem. We contributed to the development and technology for Oky.

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CognoSpeak is a tool that uses the automatic analysis of conversations that patients have with an on-screen virtual agent. Patients’ speech is examined for signs of cognitive decline using automatic speech recognition, diagnostic feature identification and classification involving machine learning.

In early 2020, Therapy Box ran a workshop for people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), Alzheimer's Disease and their families to explore barriers to uptake of a technology like CognoSpeak™, as well as offering our expertise in successfully commercialising speech-related technology in the NHS, and abroad.

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Dasher was created as a quick way to enter text while only using a single gesture or input. It lets users write text quickly without the use of a keyboard. After one hour's practice, some users are able to write at more than 20 words per minute using Dasher with an eye tracker. Experienced users reach 30 words per minute, which was exciting for us due to our recent addition of eye tracking in Predictable! With all of this in mind, we were eager to see what sort of place Dasher could have in Predictable. After discussions with the Dasher team, a group of volunteers from around the world, we got to adding Dasher as a keyboard replacement. Check out the video for the proof of concept we implemented! We’re really excited to see where Dasher goes in the future, and are very grateful for the opportunity to work with the talented members of the Dasher team, and to be involved in such a great project. To find out more about Dasher then check out their website: 

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