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Predictable x SpeakUnique

This week we are launching the latest version of Predictable which comes with the ability to use your SpeakUnique voice! SpeakUnique offer three voice banking services:

  • voice build

  • voice repair

  • voice design

The voice can then be used in Predictable and the process is simple. Once you have banked your voice you can use the SpeakUnique username and password that they have provided you with and log in within the Speech settings section of Predictable.

The voice you download will then become the voice you use in Predictable! You can also listen to four example voices made using SpeakUnique which are provided in the same settings section of Predictable. This helps give an idea of the voice quality that may be possible when using a SpeakUnique voice.

If you have questions about the SpeakUnique voice banking services, you can contact SpeakUnique via their website.

If you have questions about Predictable contact our support team via the webchat or by emailing us at

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