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Predictable on Android

Contrary to iOS operating system which only runs on Apple devices, Android is an open-source project, meaning that any hardware manufacturer can build a device that runs the Android operating system. As Android runs on a wide range of device configurations, some features are not available on all devices, which means that some devices do not support some apps. For example, some devices may not include certain sensors and may, therefore, not be supported by an app.

When submitting the app Predictable to Google PlayStore, a technical compatibility test is made on their simulator. As a software developer, we can choose which version of the operating system Predictable should support but we cannot know which specific devices are compatible unless we test them ourselves.

What we know for sure:

Predictable can run on Android 7 and above, and it is compatible with the following devices that we tested it with:


  • Lenovo K8

  • Lenovo K9

  • Huawei Honor 5X

  • Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Samsung Galaxy S6


  • HTC Nexus 9 tab

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017)

Help us complete this list! If you are using Predictable on another compatible device, let us know so that we can display it in the above list and make sure users have all the information they need.

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