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"Other Initiated Repair" phrases in Predictable

A quick post to talk through a demo of setting up some nice "Other Initiated Repair" phrases in the Favourites strip on Predictable. This is in follow-up to the ideas that were discussed in relation to the work presented here in Rayman, A. (2022). This work sought to model how other-initiated repair occurred using Predictable and also Proloquo4Text.

To give a bit more background on 'other initiated repair' requires us to look at the field of Conversation Analysis. In a nutshell, repair is the treatment of "trouble" in a conversation - which is what one or more of the conversation participants experience as hindering the conversation. Repair can be "self-initiated" where the person who produced the trouble source prompts the repair, or "other initiated" where the repair is prompted by the other person.

Here is how we loaded other initiated repair phrases into the Favourites category (and deleted the placeholder phrases that were there). We also removed History from the top strip to give more space to the repair phrases. It's scrollable so you can move along to find what you need.

To read more about the use of other-intitiated repair using text-based AAC , go to

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