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Jerry's story

Jerry Bowen, a 62 year old man from the USA, was diagnosed with ALS on December 19th 2013. This came as a massive shock to not only Jerry but his friends and family too. Fortunately for Jerry, after the initial shock of his diagnosis, his Daughter, a Speech Language Pathologist, encouraged him to be proactive a try out some of the new technology available. She suggested recording Jerry’s voice with ModelTalker. Jerry leapt at the opportunity to have a version of his voice that he could keep forever and let his Grandchildren hear his own voice. After making an appointment with another Speech Pathologist, Jerry was recommended as an ideal candidate for ModelTalker Voice Banking. With enough of his voice to provide a good quality recording he stated the ModelTalker process. The 1600 sentences provided by ModelTalker took several days of recording for Jerry, making sure that all the recordings were of good quality.

Originally, Jerry could not use his ModelTalker voice on iPhone or iPad which was a prerogative for him to make his voice accessible and convenient. In addition, Jerry wanted to use the accessibility options and functionality that an iPad provides. Jerry was elated when Predictable 4.0 with ModelTalker voice banking integration was released, finally allowing himself easy access to his voice. Jerry downloaded Predictable two weeks prior to creating the videos he has made and couldn’t be happier with the results. Now, Jerry is able to talk to his family and Grandchildren with his own voice through Predictable and ModelTalker. Jerry is indebted to his daughter for encouraging him to pursue the use of ModelTalker and he also offers his thanks to Therapy Box and ModelTalker for giving him the option to keep his voice to share with his friends and family. Now Jerry is actively encouraging people in a similar position to follow in his footsteps and take the opportunity to maintain their voice forever.

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