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Create your communication books with Scene & Heard

Create your communication books with Scene & Heard Scene & Heard is a visual scene communication app that enables people with limited language skills to communicate. The app is particularly helpful for people with autism. Along with the app’s preinstalled scenes and tasks the user is able to create their own visual scenes by taking a photo, using an existing photo, a generic image from the internet, or even drawing your own scene. The scene can contain ‘hotspots’ which when tapped are spoken aloud describing elements composing the image.    A communication book is a form of AAC, a way of representing speech/sentences. It usually contains a large variety of symbols and words organised into different categories. The individual points to the symbols to make up the sentence. We chose to implement the communication book option on Scene & Heard for people who are familiar with this format to communicate. You can, therefore, gather your different scenes, arrange them into your personal communication books and print them if needed.

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