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Head tracking vs. Eye gaze technology

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Predictable now offers 3 new features that rely on Apple Face ID advanced technology:

  • Head Tracking

  • Scan & Track

  • Gesture Speak

These new features aim to offer alternative ways of interacting with Predictable if you cannot rely on direct touch.

What are the advantages of using Head tracking instead of eye gaze technology?

- Predictable Head Tracking doesn't require any additional hardware or calibration. It is already in-built in your iPad / iPhone

- As Apple Face ID technology recognises any human face with two eyes, a nose, and a mouth, it allows many other ways of selecting keys on the screen (such as Mouth open, Tongue out, Cheek puff, etc.)

- It allows you to keep using your iPad as your assistive device, which is more socially accepted but also easier to carry compared to any other big hardware.

- Gesture Speak allows you to attach messages or actions to your different face gestures (e.g. you could have the message "Help me please" to be triggered every time you frown and the Speak button to be triggered every time you smile)

- Scan & Track allows you to combine different scanning and selective methods. If you cannot rely on your head movements to point a key on the screen, you can turn the auto-scan on and keep using "Blink" to trigger a selection.

Find out more about the selection triggers available in Predictable 6:

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