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AAC podcasts to add to your summer playlist

Earlier this week we suggested some blogs to catch up on over the next few weeks. Summer road trips or just having something on while you potter around the house - these AAC podcasts are perfect for adding to your playlist:

Talking with Tech Rachel Madel and Chris Bugaj take turns to answer questions, discuss research and interview people in the AAC industry. With a whopping 184 podcasts filed, there is enough there to dip in and out of or to drill down to find topics of interest

Speechie Side Up Venita Litvack is an AAC specialist and her podcast takes you through a range of AAC topics including funding, starting off using AAC and literacy. Venita says she started the podcast to help listeners to "stop re-inventing the wheel and start loving your job again"

EasterSeals Tech offer three separate podcasts: Assistive Technology Update, Accessibility Minute and Assistive Technology FAQ covering quick weekly updates as well as more in-depth reviews of AAC and assistive technology more generally

Xceptional Leaders Mai Ling Chan and Martyn Sibley's podcast is not just about AAC, but they do have episodes dedicated to the topic, with interviews with a range of thought leaders in the space.

Let us know which AAC related podcasts you are listening to, and why there are hardly any AAC podcasts from outside the US?

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