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Over 10 years of assistive technology 

Giving a voice to people. A text-to-speech app, Predictable has smart word prediction,
designed for
people who have difficulty speaking.


Using technology to solve real-world problems

Therapy Box aims to make life easier

Therapy Box aims to make life easier for people who use our technology. In 2011 we launched our first app, Predictable, which helps people with no speech communicate. 

We partner with leading universities, healthcare organisations around the world and NGOs to ensure that our projects reach the people who need them. We also listen to the people using our apps to understand what they need and how they use it in their daily lives.

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... by helping people making themselves understood

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is an umbrella term for all the communication devices, systems, strategies and tools that replace or support natural speech. These tools support people who have difficulties communicating using speech and can include low tech and high tech solutions. There are many reasons why a person may not be able to communicate using speech. 

Learn more about our AAC apps: 

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... by creating tools for speech and language 

Therapy Box works with academics and clinicians to identify how technology might help to support their work. 

The team lead a NIHR i4i product development grant building a semi-automated transcription tool within an app designed to help elicit story retell language samples. In 2020, we gathered samples from across the UK using crowd sourcing techniques, that helped us test how the technology worked and to help build the algorithms.

We have also listened closely to clinicians who need engaging games to support their service delivery and are building a platform of flexible and customisable games and tools.

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... by pairing with universities to support research

We work with inspiring collaborators within universities across the UK, to help build tools to deliver research. Our partners include:
The University of Sheffield
Newcastle University
Reading University
Bristol University
Queen Mary University
University of Strathclyde



Our proud moments

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NIHR funding for CognoSpeak 

In 2022 we look forward to starting on the CognoSpeak project with the University of Sheffield. Our role includes helping with the implementation of a novel visual agent for the front end of the app.

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