Predictable iOS now compatible with eye-tracking with the Hiru from IrisBond

Therapy Box aims to make life easier for people who use our technology. In 2011 we launched our first app which helped people with no speech to communicate. 

We partner with leading universities, healthcare organisations around the world and NGOs to ensure that our projects reach the people who need it.

Using technology to solve real-world problems

... by identifying disabilities

Therapy Box is leading a large NIHR i4i funded collaborative project to develop and evaluate a tool for speech and language therapists using an automated transcription of language samples elicited using a child-friendly story retell app; which will provide clinicians with the linguistic features of the child's language sample.

The team also works with other collaborators to process and analyse speech and language data; as well as to administer cognitive tests for children and adults.


... by helping people making themselves understood

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is an umbrella term for all the communication devices, systems, strategies and tools that replace or support natural speech. These tools support people who have difficulties communicating using speech and can include low tech and high tech solutions. There are many reasons why a person may not be able to communicate using speech. A developmental disability, for instance, can affect the development of speech or language.

Learn more about our AAC apps: 


... by pairing with universities to support research

Therapy Box has a track record of working alongside world-leading universities in research projects that involve speech, language and cognition. The team works across technical and commercial roles in large multidisciplinary health technology projects leading to commercialisation. It has worked with the University of Sheffield, University of Reading, UCL, Newcastle University, IIT, Queen Mary University.

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"What a beautiful concept. It’s something we don’t often think of. Founded by someone dealing directly in the field who recognized the advantages digital could bring. We often suffice with ‘adequate’ - any voice will do. But this focuses on the person and their own voice. Technology should adapt to let humans be humans, not vice-versa.”

Steve Wozniak,

Apple's co-founder

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