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Using your Acapela voice

Acapela is an external company providing personalised digital voices from their My-Own-Voice (MOV)voice banking service. Using an Acapela MOV allows users to communicate with a unique personal synthetic voice that is representative of their own voice.
To download an Acapela MOV demonstration voice, open the speech settings of the app, select Acapela as the voice engine and select one of the voices offered.
To create your own Acapela MOV voice, you will need to complete your
voice banking with Acapela. To do so you will need to follow these steps:
- Apply to the ‘My-Own-Voice online service:
- Record the sentences at your own pace
- Listen to your voice in the Type and Talk interface
- When happy, you can decide whether to buy their services.
Find more information about the pricing on their website:
Once you have completed your voice banking, you will be able to download the voice f rom Predictable. To download your Acapela MOV, enter your Acapela username and password and press download. Once downloaded, you will be able to use the voice within the app.

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