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Predictable 6 offers 17 pre-built themes with a number of visual and settings customisations to act as Templates for users with different preferences and requirements. From the Appearance settings, you can select one among the 17 pre-created themes:

Getting Started: this is the most stripped back version of the User Mode and only includes Predictables most basic features. This could be useful for someone adjusting to Predictable.

Standard: the default theme of Predictable, including the max amount of features.

Left Handed Standard: The same layout as Standard, but with feature keys on the left for easier left handed access.

Classic: Similar to standard, without keyguard friendly layouts.

High Contrast: UI is designed for those with limited visibility.

Vowel Keyboard: UI designed to draw attention to the Vowels on the keyboard. It is also suitable for those with poor visibility.

Ten Key Keyboard: sets the Ten Key keyboard as the default.

Grid - 2*2: makes the 2*2 Grid the default home page

Grid - 5*4: makes the 5*4 Grid the default home page

Screen Tap Access: sets Screen Tap as the default accessibility method

Switch Access: sets Switch Access as the default accessibility method

Head Tracking Hover: sets Head Tracking as the default accessibility method, with hover as the selection method

Head Tracking Blink: sets Head Tracking as the default accessibility method, with blink as the selection method

Stay Connected: optimized to allow for easy communication with friends, family and colleagues by setting Calls and Email as default feature keys

Dyslexia: a colour coded keyboard designed for those with Dyslexia.

Universal Core: A grid view of the Universal Core words included in Predictable.

Tap to Speak: A layout with minimal features for an enlarged Message Window, which can be tapped on to speak the message.

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