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Switch Access and Screen Tap with
scan customisation

Switch Access and Screen Tap are both Accessibility methods designed for users who do not possess the coordination or muscle strength to directly select the button they want.
For Screen Tap, the progression involves the items on the screen being highlighted automatically. Once the relevant item is highlighted, tap anywhere on the screen for the item to be selected.
The progression for Switch Access is similar, with items on the screen being highlighted. However, unlike Screen Tap, Switch Access offers two progression methods:: automatic and manual. Automatic functions in the same way, with items being automatically highlighted on the screen. To select an item, you simply press down on a switch. However, manual scanning functions differently and requires two switches rather than one. In this case, you will use one of the switches to move the highlighter down the screen. This is done by pressing down on the switch. To select an item on the screen, you will also press down on your second switch when your desired item is highlighted.
For Switch Access and Screen Tap, there are a number of Customisations you can make:
1) Scanning Rate: This determines how fast the scanner will highlight the different levels of the screen. This is only available for automatic scanning.
2) Stop Scanning: The number of cycles before the screen scanning cycle ends. Ranges from stopping after 1 Cycle to Never Stopping. Likewise this is only compatible with automatic scanning.

Although traditionally Switch Access has been used with switches to control the progression and selection method, In Predictable 6 we are offering the ability to use an External Keyboard to do this same process.
To do so, go to Switch Access and then choose the Calibrate Buttons option. In this section you will see the option to assign different keys on your keyboard to Progression and Selection. So for instance, I could assign the $ key to Progression and the number 0 to Selection. Pressing the $ key will move the onscreen scanner down the screen, and 0 will select what the scanner is on.
If you would like to revert back to simply using the switch boxes, press Reset to Switch-box defaults which can be found directly below the Selection and Progression options.

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