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Setting up email contacts

This feature allows you to send messages from Predictable by email. Add your email account to Predictable, and then add the email addresses of your friends, family and colleagues who you may wish to contact.
To set-up your email, first choose which email provider you would like to link to your Predictable Account. It is important to note that to be able to send emails from within Predictable, you will have to grant Predictable Access from your email provider’s security settings. Find below the process for Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook.To do grant access, first click on your email provider. Once you click on this, you will be navigated out of the app to your email provider’s security settings. Here you will be asked to grant Predictable access to your email account. If you wish to send emails from Predictable, grant permission In this section and then click the option to navigate back to the app.
If you have an email provider that isn’t Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook, the process is slightly different. First enable the, Other Email Provider setting. Following this, enter your Email address and Password and press save Details. No other steps are required.
Once this is set-up, you can add the email addresses of people you would like to email. To do so, all you have to do is press add recipient and then enter their name and email address. To use the function, first construct a message in the message builder. Then make sure, the email icon is shown as one of your feature keys. When happy with your message, press the email icon. Depending on the functionality you have chosen, the message will either be immediately sent to your starred contact, or you can choose a recipient from the list displayed.

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