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Phrase Customisation

Within each category, you can pre-build and store as many phrases as you like. The benefit of having pre-built phrases is to save you the effort of typing your commonly spoken messages.
If you want to customise your Phrases, press the edit icon on the far right of your keyboard. There are three ways in which you can customise your categories:
A) Add Phrase: to add a phrase, first choose the category where you wish to store the phrase. To add a phrase, press the edit icon and then add phrase. Here you can decide on the spoken phrase; displayed text; whether you want to record audio for the phrase or keep it as text-to-speech; what icon you would like to assign; and whether you would like the phrase to be linked to any multimedia.
B) Delete Phrase: On the right side of the keyboard, tap on the edit button. Tap on the phrase you would like to delete.
C) Edit Phrase: You also have the option to edit a phrase. Tap on the edit button on the right side of the keyboard. Tap on the phrase you would like to edit, then press the pen icon.

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