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Managing your audio and image content

The audio and images sections of the web platform allow you to have an overview and edit your list of audio or image files. From here, you can:
1. Search for your files easily: When pressing a column’s title (title, source), the files in the column get ordered alphabetically. You can also search for the file by typing the title.
2. Delete content: Select the files you wish to delete, then press “Delete selected”. You can also delete files one by one by press the delete icon for each file.
3. Edit the title attached to your files: clicking on the title of the file causes a text box expands, in turn allowing you to edit it.
4. All the files uploaded to this section will appear in your app when you will edit a phrase and choose an audio file to attach to it:
- Import an audio file from your laptop: To import an audio file, press the Import button, then press Browse, Select the file that you previously saved on your laptop and select Upload.
- Record an audio file from your laptop: To record an audio file from the CMS, press Record, Then select the microphone icon. Once you stop recording, you can pause, resume and save the file, Type a title and press Save

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