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Managing Emojis

Predictable 6 offers a large selection of emojis. You can use these emojis in your messages by selecting them from the Emoji Keyboard in the bottom-right corner of your keyboard.
You can customise your emojis in the Keyboard section of Settings. To do so, select the Emoji you wish to edit and then press the pen icon in the top right corner. There are two ways in which you can customise your emojis:
A) Name of Emoji: You can edit the name of the emoji. If you choose Text to Speech option for the emojis sound, this name will be read out when you use that emoji in a message.
B) Sound attached to Emoji: there are three different types of sound you can assign to your emoji:
1) Record your own audio for the emoji. To do this, press the record ‘New Recording Icon’, record the audio, assign the recorded audio a Display Name > then press the tick icon to save the recording.
2) Assign one of Predictable’s pre-recorded sounds to to the emoji. Predictable has 8 different recorded sounds for the emotes, and are available both for Males and Females
3) Text to Speech will read out the name of the emoji when you use that emoji in a spoken message. To select this feature you will need to press the X button.

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