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Keyboards Options

Predictable comes with five keyboard options. Predictable also offers the possibility to use external and third-party keyboards. The five in-built keyboard options include:
This is the default keyboard option and is the same design as the keyboards you typically find on computers and other mobile devices.
Keys are listed in alphabetical order.
High Frequency
Keys are ordered based on the frequency they are used, with the most frequent letters being listed first, and the least frequent last.
Ten Key:
Compared to the other options, it has a much bigger target area for selecting each key. It is especially useful for people who benefit from touch accommodation settings. Instead of there being individual keys for each letter on the keyboard, there are letter groupings.
For instance, ABCDE are one letter grouping. You need to tap on the letter group you want to use and the keyboard will then change to allow you to select one of the letters in the chosen grouping. Once you’ve added a letter, the keyboard will snap back to the main keyboard page (with the same letter grouping format). Native
This allows you to use the default keyboard of your chosen device.
Alongside this you can enable Keyboard Caps, which will cause all of the keys on the keyboard to be capitalised. However, the functionality of the keyboard will remain the same e.g. you will have to press shift for a letter to be capitalised on the Message Window.

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