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How to use and manage Gesture Speak

Gesture Speak is a feature new to Predictable 6. What Gesture Speak offers is the ability to assign a spoken phrase or action to a trigger. For instance, a Tongue Out could be assigned to the phrase ‘How are you?’. Sticking your Tongue Out in User Mode would then result in the phrase ‘How are you?’ being spoken. The purpose of this new feature, is to increase the speed at which a person can communicate. Using one of these Gestures speak methods is actually quicker than having to type the message out on your keyboard.
You could also link a trigger to an action as well. You could choose to assign blink to Speak, so that whenever you were to employ blink as a trigger, your message window content would be spoken.
There are three ways you can manage your Gesture Speak Actions.
1)Add: first go to the Gesture Speak section of Settings. Then press add New. On this page, you will have the option to pick whether you want to create a Gesture Speak for a Category or an Action. If you choose Action, all of the possible feature key options will be displayed. If you pick Categories, all of your Categories and their corresponding phrases will be displayed. . After selecting your desired action or phrase , you can pick the trigger you wish to allocate to it. Once happy with your combination, press confirm. If you are already using a trigger as a selection method you will be unable to use it in a Gesture Speak Recipe.
2)Edit: to edit a Gesture Speak, tap on the gesture you wish to edit and then on the edit button.
3)Delete: to delete a Gesture Speak, tap on the gesture you wish to delete and then on the delete button.
To increase the number of Gesture Speak options available, we have introduced the option to create ‘Recipes’. In the context of Predictable, recipes means you can assign a combination of Triggers to a spoken phrase. For instance, Blink, Tongue out and Frown could be assigned to ‘Who is that?’ while Blink, Frown and Tongue out could be linked to ‘This is great’. You can cancel a recipe by using your chosen Selection method in the Accessibility section.

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