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Head Tracking and Triggers for IOS devices which have facial recognition system

This feature allows you to interact with Predictable by tracking your head’s movements. When enabled, Predictable will identify your face, pick a centre point, which is typically the nose, and emulate it as a pointer on the screen. The progression of the pointer, is dictated by the movement of your nose.
You can influence the progression of the pointer, by altering the Head Movement Sensitivity. The Head Movement Sensitivity has three options: Low, Medium and High. This feature allows you to calibrate how big the head movements need to be in order for the screen pointer to move on screen. For example, setting it low would require the user’s head to travel a greater distance to move the pointer.
Another setting for Head Tracking is Head Position. This setting has two options: default or Calibrate. For Default, the app expects your head to be in a centred position in relation to the f ront facing camera. Best results for default are found when the device’s f ront facing camera is at your eye level, the device is mounted straight relative to you, and you are between 10 cm to 100 cm from the device nose position. Calibrate allows the Head Tracking function to locate a centre point regardless of your head position.
Head Tracking offers a number of alternatives for selection:
1) Hover: to select an item, you will need to focus the pointer on it for a pre-chosen amount of time. This Hover time can range between 1 and 5 seconds.
2) Blink: blink to trigger a selection.
3) Mouth Open: to trigger a selection, open your mouth.
4) Tongue Out: (only available in iOS 12 or after): To select an item, direct the cursor to your chosen item, then stick out your tongue.
5) Smile: to trigger a selection you will have to smile.
6) Frown: To select an item frown.
7) Eyebrows up: raise your eyebrows to trigger an action.
8) Cheek puff: puff your cheeks out to trigger the selection.
9) Eyes Look up: look upwards to trigger a selection.
10) Blink Left: Blink with your left eye to trigger a selection.
11) Blink Right: Blink with your right eye to trigger a selection

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