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Device Voice on IOS

Device Voices are the voices that come with the device you own. Some device voices are pre-downloaded and ready to use. Although free to use, certain device voices may require downloading or installing. If you choose to use a device voice, you will first need to select the voice’s accent. There are six accents available: British, Irish, American, Australian, South Af rican and Indian. Once you have selected the accent, you can click on the voice’s profile to hear a sample.
If you don’t find any of the voices suitable, you can download additional voices from your device settings. Once downloaded, you will be able to use them in Predictable.
You can also download extra voices from the device settings:
Leave Predictable by pressing the device home button (or swiping up for the iPad pro). Then select the device setting app on the homepage of the device and use the search for Voices, then pick the language you require. This page will have the full list of available device voices. Click the download icon to get the voice. Once downloaded, it will be available to use.

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