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Creating an offline account

One way you can interact with Predictable is through an offline account. Using an offline account will store your data locally on your device. This means if you wish to change or use a different device you will not be able to recover your settings, phrases and multimedia from your previous device. Alongside this, if you were to experience data loss you would be unable to recover your customisations.
When using an offline account, Predictable will provide information on the number of times you have used the app to speak, the number of Categories and Phrases you have, and the Average Sentence length
If you wish to move from an Offline Account to having an Online Account press Switch to online account. Converting to an Online Account will transfer all of your current customisation, to your new Predictable Account.
You also have the option to reset your Settings and Phrasebank. This will restore all of your Settings or Phrasebank customisations to their default values.

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