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What's new in Predictable?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

We recently released a new subversion of Predictable 6. What's new in version 6.0.18?

- Multi-Language capacity

You can now set up a second language to your Predictable account and quickly switch to it. Predictable now supports 27 secondary languages:

  1. English

  2. Arabic

  3. Chinese

  4. Czech

  5. Danish

  6. Dutch

  7. Finnish

  8. French

  9. German

  10. Greek

  11. Hebrew

  12. Hindi

  13. Hungarian

  14. Indonesian

  15. Italian

  16. Japanese

  17. Korean

  18. Norwegian

  19. Polish

  20. Portuguese

  21. Romanian

  22. Russian

  23. Slovak

  24. Spanish

  25. Swedish

  26. Thai

  27. Turkish

To set up your secondary language, you would need to select your secondary voice, and keyboard and you even have the option to replace your existing Phrase Bank by the default one of your secondary language (watch the webinar to learn how to do so).

- Undo delete

The Delete last word and Delete all feature keys now become Undo buttons after you select them to make sure you don't need to retype your whole message again if you delete it by mistake!

- Adjusting the font size of the History strip, the Favourite strip, and the Keyboard keys

From Theme & Appearance > Color and Font Size

- Adjusting the number of predicted word to be displayed:

You can now choose to display 1, 2, or the maximum of predicted words!

- Deactivating the Grid View from the Phrase Bank

- Auditory feedback:

Activate the click sound from the Accessibility settings.

- Customising the keyboard feature keys.

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