• Rebecca Bright

Turn-taking, floor holding and symmetrical conversations

Updated: Nov 12

10 years after we first launched Predictable some of the key issues that remain problematic for people who use AAC relate to the difficulties in conversation arising from the (inherent) slowed rate of producing a message as well as barriers that are often in place due to the environment or due to the abilities of their conversation partner.

Research on the issues of asymmetrical conversations highlights the difficulties that AAC users face (Clarke & Kirton, 2003; Sortiroplou et al, 2021). Strategies for improving the skills of conversational partners and the call for context-aware AAC devices (Judge et al, 2015; Higginbotham, 2012) are both valid ways of trying to address those issues. We hear frequently from people who use Predictable that missing out on interrupting others, being able to quickly repair in conversation and the slowed-down conversation pace are frustrations.