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Telepractice: 3 tips to support your patients remotely

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

During these troubled times, it could be difficult for Speech and Language Therapists to assist their patients with their AAC apps remotely. Here are 3 tips to help you doing so:

1. Involve the family in the video calls

Even if your patients are not confined with their family, it is possible for them to participate to a video meeting. Many tools allow you to host a video call with several participants. At Therapy Box, we like Google hangouts for our internal daily meetings, Gotowebinar for our online trainings ( and Zoom for our family calls after work!

2. Mirror the AAC app on your laptop screen so that your patients can see what is happening on your iPad

There are different ways to display an iPad/Android screen on your laptop and then sharing it with your patient over a video call. This is how we usually do it:

a) plug your device (iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, etc.) to your computer

b) open QuickTime Player and start a new movie recording

c) then select your plugged device from the list

d) share your laptop screen with your patient

3. Prepare in advance short tutorials or use ours

Other tools that we use a lot at Therapy Box to create our Youtube tutorials ( is Apple’s screen recorder or screenshot:

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