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Skoodal literacy bundle for £6.99

During the confinement, keep your children busy and get our 8 learning apps featuring Biff, Chip, and Kipper for £6.99! This set of home learning apps focusses on key phonics skills from rhyming to spelling!

It includes:

  1. Phonics Spelling Dictionary - the words ordered by sounds to help children using Synthetic Phonics;

  2. My Phonics Kit - it helps children to become proficient readers and spellers through the use of Synthetic Phonics;

  3. Word Games flashcards - build words, developer memory, and concentration skills;

  4. Alphabet Games flashcards - learn to recognise individual letter shapes and sounds;

  5. Rhyming Games flashcards - recognise rhyming words and developer early reading skills;

  6. Fun with Words flashcards - learn many common and tricky words by sight;

  7. My Phonics Flashcards - learn that one sound can be represented in several ways;

  8. Say and Spell flashcards - practice letters and sounds as it is done in schools.

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