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Justin's story

Justin, who goes by “J”, is a social, sport loving young adult. He communicates by use of a head switch, and has learned not only one, but two different devices as he progressed through school. He previously had used a ABC, and currently uses an ABC with the ABC! Version specifically made for the ABC and switch access. When one first looks at the device, it can be overwhelming, but J has dominated this device, learning the scan patterns (more often knowing where buttons are that I do not), and using the device at school. But there have been roadblocks over the years, which has led to him learning, yet again, another way to communicate. Welcome to the crew, Predictable. As much as I would like J to use his ABC, and use it in every environment, to the fullest ability that such a device has to offer, it renders less useful when it is not used at home, or as motivating to others to use with J. In addition, J will default to spelling things out at times, as he often did on the ABC. After searching, I came across Predictable, and a new door was opened for J. “Be honest, what do you think about using the Predictable App on your iPad?” “Good” he said. “Well why? Why do you think it is going to be better?” “Faster” he said. He appeared interested in the ability to preprogram sentences within categories, and how the application predicts common phrases and sentence structures so he is not using the head switch multiple times for each letter. He has jobs as a greeter in the community, and is using ABC with a preprogrammed greeting on them; but it is cumbersome to have someone switch his device to Blox, and back and forth, where Predictable would allow him to access those sayings under a “Jobs” category on his own. Someone that is not a familiar staff with J or with his communication device can easily understand the layout and intention of the application. J is such a social individual, whether that is listening to friends talk in a group, playing a game of Uno, or debating on who is going to win the Superbowl. His motivation to use an entirely new program is exciting, and I know he is looking forward to seeing how great this tool can be for him at home, in a program, at a job, and in the community.

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