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Handwriting in Predictable

The motivation for adding the handwriting input for Predictable was to make it easier for people to prepare messages, especially when they were less experienced with typing or using smartphones or iPads. Yesterday, we had a call with the daughter of a man using Predictable, who described how her father uses Predictable using the Apple Pencil and the handwriting function. Typing is not faster for everyone, and handwriting offers an alternative way of inputting text.

Here's how you can use the handwriting feature in Predictable:

  1. Go into Predictable's settings (via the cog-wheel icon in the feature keys)

  2. Go to the Theme & Appearance group of settings

  3. Tap on Show/Hide Feature Keys (Top Screen) OR Show/Hide Feature Keys (Keyboard)

  4. Turn on Handwriting as an option for your feature keys by sliding the toggle to "show" rather than hide. Remember you can only show 5 feature keys at the top of the screen, so you may need to hide another feature if you want to replace it with handwriting. If you want to have the handwriting key on the keyboard, you need to replace one of the four feature keys.

  5. Come back to your main screen for Predictable and tap on the icon showing a Pencil and ABC, and a white text box will replace the QWERTY keyboard

  6. Using your finger or the Apple Pencil, you can start writing and it will function with word prediction. Tap to confirm the word has been recognised and it will transfer the word to the message window, to be spoken aloud or shared.

It is that simple. If you have any questions about handwriting, please get in touch with us at

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