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Alternative methods in Predictable

What is switch scanning access?

Switch access scanning is an indirect selection method, as opposed to direct touch. 

Who is it for?

People with complex physical difficulties may be dependent on technology to manage their life or to communicate. Switch scanning access is for people who cannot use their hands to progress and select items on the screen. Some gestures like swiping, scrolling, (double) tapping or targeting a key to select can represent, for them, a barrier. How does it work? There are two main actions that are made instinctively while navigating on a device: progressing and selecting. On computers, for instance, both actions are initiated by the mouse. With Predictable, people can use two switches at a time: one to progress or scan the items appearing on the screen, and the other one to make a selection of the highlighted item. If you don’t have the ability to use 2 switches at the same time, you can set the scan on automatic mode and adjust the speed and number of scan cycles. Another alternative method relying on scanning method: Touch anywhere: The screen automatically scans the items on the screen and once a button is highlighted, users tap anywhere on the screen to make a selection.

See more on how to use switch access with Predictable: 

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