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5 *hidden* features of Predictable you may not know about

If you use Predictable there is no doubt that there are some features that you can be sure to know about - the word prediction, the voice options and probably the phrase bank. are 5 features we want to draw your attention to:

  1. Handwriting Did you know you can switch from having the keyboard as your method of writing in Predictable, to having a digital notepad?

To enable this feature you need to choose handwriting as one of the available feature keys from the settings. It works well writing with your finger on the screen, or you can try a stylus.

2. Sharing text via iMessage, Twitter, WhatsApp Another feature key you might have missed is the Share button. By choosing this option as one of your feature keys, you can then take the text you write in Predictable and copy it out of the app into any of the other tools you use on your iPad or iPhone. That might be WhatsApp, iMessage, emails, Twitter or your notepad.

3. History Unless you opt-out, you can have your most recently used phrases or words presented on the top left of the screen, for a quick way to repeat something that was not heard, re-emphasise or then save to your longer-term phrase bank. You can scroll through the history phrases and it is possible to have it run across the top of the page if you choose to remove the Favourites phrases which usually appear next to History, in the top right of the screen.

4. Extra voices

There are now more voices available on your iOS device which you can use in Predictable. That includes voices that are not listed in the app, and can be installed via the iPad's settings and then used in the app. This blog from late last year talks through how to do just that:

5. Abbreviation expansion Abbreviation expansion offers a way to reduce keystrokes (or switch hits) when composing a message in Predictable. If you think about some of the shortcuts you might use in text messaging, that would be a great start. You can also create your own to use in Predictable based on things that you want to be able to say quickly but might take a while to type out. We made a quick video that shows you how it's done

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