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Import MyMessageBanking content

From Draft phrases section, you can upload pre-built phrases providing from 2 sources: Predictable and myMessageBanking. is a free service offered Boston Children's Hospital Department of Otolaryngology and Tobii Dynavox with a goal of providing a free and open message bank for people at risk of losing their voice. The system will guide you through the message banking process, help organize the messages, store the messages, and provide ways to download the messages for use on any system that can play back those messages. Use of the system, storing messages and downloading stored messages is free for personal use.
How to use the service with Predictable web platform
myMessageBanking content is compatible with Predictable, i.e. you can upload the audio files that you stored and transcripted via to your Predictable account so that they become new phrases in your phrase bank.

To do so:
1. From your myMessageBanking account, download the audio files you want to use in Predictable
2. Upload the .zip folder to the Draft Phrases section of Predictable web platform, the transcriptions will become your spoken phrases and the tags your categories.
3. You can still make some changes before adding it your new phrases to your Predictable account
4. Then press Merge
Some key points:
● You will also be able to edit your new phrases within Phrase Bank section, if you change your mind after having merged!
● If you have several tags to a same phrase in Draft phrases section, your phrase will be added to different categories. To add a new Tag, press the “+” button, you can also delete it by pressing x.
● In Draft phrases section, you can also upload categories and phrases that have been downloaded from another Predictable account. In this way, from his/her Predictable account, your Speech and Language can create a category with phrases in it, customise all this for you and send you the .zip file for you to upload to your Predictable account

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