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Grid layout settings

The Grid Layout displays your categories and phrases in a typical grid format. Such a layout is both optimised for the different scanning methods and for users more reliant on imagery to communication e.g. individuals living with autism.
To access the Grid Layout you have two options: 1. Set as your default home page: if you expect to communicate with Predictable primarily from this page, it may be worth setting it as your default home page. To do, go to Settings > Global Appearance > scroll to the bottom > Select Grid View as your default Home Page.
2. From User Mode: you can also access Grid View while in User mode. To do so press the Phrasebank icon > Press the Grid View Icon (found directly below the edit button).
You can also customise the appearance of your Grid Layout. You can alter the amount of Columns and Rows on display by choosing the number of Columns and Rows you would like.
Alongside this you have the option to edit the Cell Font Size and Colour and the colour of the Cell Background in the App Background section.. You also have the opportunity to show/hide the icons for both the Categories and Phrases, and also hide the categories themselves.

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