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Floor Hold is a function that reads out your pre-constructed floor hold phrases. Sometimes it can take a bit of time to type out longer messages, so this function can be used to notify your conversation partner that you are currently constructing a message.
You have the option to turn on Automatic Floor Hold. When enabled, this feature will automatically read out your pre-constructed Floor hold phrases after a set amount of time. If turned off, you will have to press the Floor hold button for one of your Floor hold phrases to be readout.
If you have turned the Automatic Floor hold feature turned on, the duration set in this setting will determine the time before your pre-constructed Floor hold phrases are readout.
You can also manage our Floor holds. There are three different customisations you can make.
1) Add Phrase: this allows you to add your own custom Floor hold. To add a floor hold, press the + Add phrase icon. You can either assign an audio recording or a Text-to-Speech caption to the Floor hold.
2) Edit Phrase: you can edit an existing phrase by tapping the phrase and then selecting the edit icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
3) Delete Phrase: To delete a floorhold phrase, select the phrase you wish to delete, then press the delete icon in the top-right corner of the screen. You won’t be able to delete all the phrases as you will need to keep one.

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