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Categories and Customisations

Categories are used to store and organise phrases related to a specific topic. This allows pre-built phrases to be arranged in a logical and easily accessible way. Predictable has 14 premade categories but also provides the option to add, edit, reorder and delete categories.
To customise your categories, press the edit icon on the far right of your keyboard. There are three ways in which you can customise your categories:
A) Add Category: To add a new category, press Add Category which can be found on the far left of the categories section. Here you can decide on the name of the category and what photo you wish to assign to it. You can assign a photo f rom the existing icons available on Predictable, from your device’s photo gallery, or you can take a new photo.
B) Edit Category: You can edit both the name and icon of a category. To do this, tap on the category you wish to edit.
C) Delete Category: You can delete unwanted categories. To do so, first press the category you wish to delete. Then press the icon of a bin icon to delete the category.

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