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Predictable featured in The Washington Post - new article on ALS and voice banking

A great article in the Washington Post today - all about ALS and voice banking, and it highlights all the amazing people we work with in this field Acapela Group Boston Children’s Hospital Team Gleason Tim Gleason from ModelTalker, The Voice Keeper! Nice to see Predictable featured too!

However, more importantly, it is a story about voice, identity and connection...and the amazing people with ALS and their families who share their stories! It really is a privilege to hear from Ron, Anna, Brian and Ruth talking about ALS, their journeys and the importance of having your voice - from being able to say I love you to your husband or wife, through to telling your kids dad jokes. Once again it is with overwhelming gratitude that we acknowledge the expertise, generosity and honesty of people living with ALS and their families.

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