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How to...use abbreviation expansion

Abbreviation expansion offers a way to reduce keystrokes (or switch hits) when composing a message in Predictable. If you think about some of the shortcuts you might use in text messaging, that would be a great start

Apparently, the top abbreviations used in text messaging are:

  • LMK = Let me know

  • ILY =I love you.

  • YOLO = You only live once.

  • SMH = Shaking my head.

  • LMFAO =Laughing my f* *a* off.

  • NVM = Never mind.

  • IKR = I know, right?

  • OFC = Of course.

You can also create your own to use in Predictable based on things that you want to be able to say quickly but might take a while to type out. Here's how to set up and use abbreviation expansion in Predictable.

  1. Go to the Speech settings in Predictable

  2. Scroll down and tap on the Custom Abbreviations setting

  3. Add new abbreviations. The abbreviation must be 3 letters minimum (for example, btw)

  4. Go back into the main pages of the app

  5. Type the abbreviation (btw) and press the space bar. The full message will speak when tap the Speak Button

  6. It's that simple, ikr.

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