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Predictable training

What’s the cancellation policy?

All sessions and consultations require a six (6) hour cancellation notice. You will be charged in full if you attempt to cancel or reschedule within that time frame.

How long is the consultation?

Consultations are 35-45 minutes in duration.

Do you work with athletes that aren’t football or basketball players

Yes, we've worked with over thousands of athletes from various sports, genders, and age groups. These sports are including but not limited to wrestling, nascar drivers, nascar pit crew members, football, soccer, golf, rugby, tennis, softball, baseball, cross country, track & field, women’s, lacrosse, volleyball, and more.

How often should I train?

Your recommended training frequency will vary upon your goals and assessment findings. Upon completion of your consultation we can provide a more accurate answer.

Can DPD help me if I'm extremely out of shape?

Yes, but it will require both parties working collectively towards the desired outcome. We take pride in meeting our clients where they are and helping them lose fat, reduce pain, and achieve goals they once viewed as unattainable. Don't take our word for check out our testimonials & reviews and hear what others are saying!

Do you offer meal plans?

Meal plans are often generic and cookie cutter, we take it a step further by educating you about nutrition while seeking the perfect nutrition plan for you individually!

What happens if I don't decide to proceed with training after the consultation?

If either party feels we aren't a good fit for one another, you're only responsible for the consultation fee. No hidden fees or gimmicks!

What should I wear to the consultation?

Please arrive 10 minutes early to consultation, and wear comfortable athletic clothing as you will be asked to perform an array of movements.

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