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Predictable training

What is the normal length of time for a tour?

Our tours are private and completely customizable to your group needs. On average, tours last from 5-7 hours, but it is not uncommon for groups to go beyond that timeframe. If you have a list of wineries you would like to visit, we can help build an itinerary for you.

I don't know anything about wineries or distilleries.

Not to worry! From sweet reds & dry whites to woody bourbons, Redstone's staff is knowledgeable and able to help you make the right choices for your group or event.

Can we bring coolers with food or alcohol?

Absolutely! All of our vehicles have plenty of storage space for coolers -- and all the goodies you purchase along the way! Please note that Indiana law dictates that alcohol may only be consumed in the passenger compartment of vehicles so long as there is a partition. Due to this, alcohol cannot be consumed in our standard sedans or SUvs.

Can we drink alcohol in the vehicle?

Indiana law dictates that alcohol may be consumed in the passenger compartment of vehicles so long as there is a partition... so yes! Bring as many coolers loaded up with your favorite beverages as you would like. Sadly, this does not apply to our standard sedans or SUVs as they do not have a partition.

What is your cancellation policy?

All deposits for chartered (hourly) services are non-refundable.

How early should I book?

Because we are only able to reserve dates and vehicles after a deposit has been received, we do recommend booking as soon as possible. However, we do allow same-day bookings pending vehicle availablity. Just give us a call, send us an email, or fill out our quote form and we will begin the reservation process. A 50% deposit is required to hold all wine tour bookings.

Do we need to tip?

We believe gratuity should be a reflection of the service received. And therefore, gratuity is a large portion of a chauffeur's pay. Better service lends to bigger tips. When determining your tip amount, reflect on the following: - How was the quality of the service you received? Were all of your needs met? - Did your chauffeur make your group feel special and appreciated? - How was your chauffeur's driving? Did you feel safe throughout the entire trip? Was their driving smooth like water flows? - Was your chauffeur punctual and on time? - Did your chauffeur always maintain professionalism and an excellent attitude? Industry standard is 20%, but it is not uncommon for a chauffeur to receive more when delivering the exceptional service we are known for.

How many wineries/distilleries should we try to fit in for a full day?

Fewer than you might think! Visiting around 4 to 5 wineries max is a good average. Many visitors try to visit too many wineries in a day, only to finish with a whimper after rushing around all day! For a 'full day' tour, we recommend / plan to visit two in the first half, a short break for lunch, and two in the afternoon. This leaves plenty of flexibility for if your group wishes to make any 'in-between' stops at landmarks or historical spots along the way.

Do we need to schedule tastings?

We do advise reaching out to each winery and touching base with them, as they all have different rules. Some wineries require you to schedule tastings, and some distilleries require tickets be purchased for guided tours. If your group needs help with this, please let us know!

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