Predictable training

What do I need to bring?

Just some closed-toed shoes, a photo ID, and any frustrations you've built up throughout the day.

How does it work?

Simple -- Book an appointment, show up (with or without a picture of your ex), and be ready to get the lead out.

What do you do with all of the broken stuff?

All broken glass is recycled and repurposed locally! GUILT FREE SMASHING!

Should/can I bring headphones?

We'll do you one better. Wirelessly connect your phone to our bluetooth speaker and get after it to whatever song makes you the angriest.

Can I film my experience?

DO IT FOR THE GRAM! ... Just not for production. If you want to shoot your music video, commercial, movie, or farmers only profile video here, we charge a commercial hourly rate. Please email for details.

What's the point of this? Why would I want to smash a bunch of stuff?

Other than it being a great time and awesome way to get some cardio in, The Break Room can be thought of as hands on anger therapy. But the fun kind! Everyone on the face of the Earth struggles with processing anger in a healthy way, but for residents and visitors of Charleston, SC, it just got a LOT easier. While we can't guarantee it will make you more a patient person, we CAN guarantee you'll feel better leaving than when you walked in.

Uhhhh... Is this thing safe?

As the day is long! We'll armor you up before you go in, just do us and yourself a favor and try not to intentionally hurt yourself or your Breaking Buddy.

Can I bring a friend?

Totally! However, due to safety regulations, we can only allow two to a room at a time. For larger bookings please call or email us ahead of time.

Is EVERYTHING breakable?

Once you're in the room, go to town. Just no walls, ceilings, doors, speakers or lights.

Is there an age limit?

To go in alone, you must be at least 18 years or older. 14-17 years old must be accomanied by an adult.


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