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Assessment licenses for our AAC apps

We receive many emails from Speech and Language Therapists asking for redeem codes to add our AAC apps to their assessments and trials devices.

How to receive an assessment license for our AAC apps?

We only get 100 redeem codes per app update. An update requires development time and, therefore, represent a cost.

If you don't know the app and want to trial it to see if it would be suitable for your patient:

Contact support@therapy-box.co.uk and set up a free training session to get run through the features. You will be given a time-limited version of the app. If you still consider the app would be a suitable solution for your patient, we will send you a redeem code for your assessment device.

If you already are familiar with the app but you need your patient to get familiar with it before purchase:

Contact support@therapy-box.co.uk. You will be given a time-limited version of the app. If you can, write a case study describing your patient's needs and how the app helps to answer them. This case study would allow us to communicate better about our apps and justify the cost of a free copy. We will then offer you a redeem code for your assessment device.

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