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Involving people in research

From the conception of our projects, we work with researchers, potential users and field professionals to ensure we're doing our best to meet user needs. We iteratively consult with these groups when developing our initial ideas, prototypes, and feature lists, taking everything on board. We have extensive experience in getting projects funded and seeing them through to completion, so get in touch if you'd like to learn more.


Working with researchers 

Since 2013 we have been working with world-leading UK universities and NHS organisations in grant-funded research projects. This includes projects funded by NIHR, MRC, SBRI Healthcare and other bodies. We bring our skills in co-design; discovery; UX design; full-stack development and commercialisation. We have lead grants as primary investigators, worked as co-investigators and been commissioned as technical contractors. We have considerable experience in bid writing; project planning and bringing research to commercialisation including through regulatory pathways.


Implementation Planning

Involving children and people with disabilities in research

We developed an app for The South East of Scotland Transport Partnership (SEStran) to make journey planning easier for people with communication disabilities. The app uses symbols to reduce the cognitive load required. It has been tested with different groups of stroke survivors and their families to make sure its functionalities answer their needs. 

We worked with children aged four to eight to design a language assessment app to be used by the NHS.

We worked with clinicians, people with dementia and their families to help understand the best way for technology to be used in the diagnostic pathway, forming a collaboration with the University of Sheffield and working with D4D and mHabitat. 

Working with NGOs to solve real-world problems

We have collaborated with UNICEF to provide accessible and accurate information about menstrual health to young girls in Mongolia and Indonesia.

We have worked with the United Nations Development Programme in Bosnia to build software to track risks including flood and landslide, and with UNDP in Croatia to create an app to encourage usage of the national parks. 

Unicef Oky
UNDP Disaster Risk Analysis Software
UNDP Parks of Croatia


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How we work

1. Understanding the aim of the research project

2. Advising and defining the need and scoping the technical work

3. Prototyping the tool(s) and give a good overview of the final product

4. Developing and testing to assure the quality of the product

5. Providing maintenance and support and working as a commercial partner

6. Working as a commercial partner

Our partners

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