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symbol-based AAC app

ChatAble is designed for children, teenagers and adults who are unable to write or speak. Possibly due to autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome or developmental disabilities. 

It provides a grid of symbols that can be pressed to speak words and construct sentences. 

Available in 6 languages:

English, German, French, Finnish, Swedish, Danish

3 types of customisable communication pages

ChatAble enables you to build grids, visual scenes, and hybrid pages. These are all fully customisable - enabling you to change the size, layout and look of the pages. You are able to upload your own photos in all areas where images can occur to make your communication boards even more customised!

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A large library of symbols

The large selection of symbols (Metacom symbols for ChatAble German, Widgit for ChatAble Swedish and Finnish, and PCS for ChatAble English, French and Danish) cover a wide range of contexts, concepts and vocabulary. Click on the symbol to use them to communicate in a variety of situations. You can also select an image from our library of images or you can upload your own. ChatAble can be personalised for individual needs and preferences.

Your spoken phrases and recent pages in the history

Both phrase history and page history are searchable, making it easier to find the item you’re looking for.


Voice options

Choose a voice that suits your own or your personality. ChatAble allows you to access your own synthesised ModelTalker voice or an Ivona child's voice. Alternatively, you can also use an Apple voice too.

Alternative access methods

  • ​Head Tracking - allows you to select items by looking at them (only compatible on Apple Pro devices)

  • Switch scanning access - use one or two switches via a Bluetooth switch box and the on-screen scanning

  • Touch anywhere - use the screen as a switch

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"I love the history feature, and being able to change the grids. Being able to search pictures is great. Bastian loves it and we feel we can now have a conversation, impossible in the past."

Bastien, using ChatAble

Many ways to get ChatAble

  • Purchase a bundle 

Which includes device(s), the app pre-installed ready to use and accessories that you may need depending on your needs.

  • Book your personal training session

We agree on a time and date, a member of Therapy Box team comes to you if you live in the UK, or calls you on Skype and run you through the app to make sure you end up knowing it like an expert.

  • Purchase a two-year guarantee

And get your hardware repaired or replaced within 48 hours and unlimited support over phone and email.

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If you already have a device, you can also buy the app from the App Store.